Animal Care In Newark, NJ

Animal cruelty is one of the worst kinds of human acts that we have seen in the recent times. We are not just talking about being cruel to the wild animals or stray animals of the streets. The problem is actually much worse than we can imagine. Hundreds of thousands of cats, dogs and other pets are being treated badly in the households that they live. Every Christmas and Thanksgiving, a number of puppies are gifted to people. These puppies are either found on the streets within a few days because they are unwanted or they are left alone to fend for themselves as soon as they grow older and become a problem for the homeowner. Such cruelty towards animals is becoming rampant these days. You will find dogs and cats who have been thrown away from their houses and are looking for shelter.

Thankfully, a number of animal shelter organizations and agencies are working towards this cause and helping these animals live. They are being fed and also being provided with medical aid so that they are able to live in peace. There are foster care programs for these pets as well which are state-funded and being run with the association of the Newark community. There are spaying and neutering programs being run by the state where homeless animals are safely captured, vaccinated and neutered before being released. This helps in keeping control over their population as well. You can help these animals by volunteering in these shelters, adopting the pets and even making monetary donations to these pet shelters.

Additionally, the state of New Jersey has certain specific laws pertaining to criminal and civil charges on anyone (including the owner) who has been found guilty of animal cruelty. You must remember that having a pet and not being able to provide them with proper care, food and shelter is also counted as animal cruelty. Moreover, leaving them alone in a vehicle under inhumane conditions is also counted as the same. There is quite a low level of awareness amongst the people of Newark regarding the animal abuse and animal cruelty laws because of which they do not report such events. For instance, most of the people do not know that the law allows for the creation of cat colonies of the municipalities deemed it as necessary. Hence, community involvement programs are certainly desired here which can make people more aware about the needs and rights of their pets and other animals living in Newark.

To help assist the animals in Newark, you can volunteer your time or make a donation to the Associated Humane Societies.