Drug & Alcohol Abuse In Newark, NJ

Drug and alcohol abuse issues have become quite a major headache for the authorities in Newark, New Jersey. Mental, behavioral and even lifestyle issues that are paving a way for drug and alcohol abuse is falling really hard on the youth of the city. While smoking has become commonplace amongst the middle school and high school students, alcohol is certainly becoming a lifestyle for many teenagers. The drug use statistics of Newark are more disappointing than anything else. About 36% of the high school students have had marijuana while 7% of the middle school students claim to have used it.

6% of high school students and 3% of middle school students have tried cocaine in some form or the other. 2% of high school students and 1.5% of middle schools students have used steroids in some form or the other. The condition of high school student statistics suggests that the situation has really become very alarming. It is found in various studies that 2% of the students have used heroin, 3% have used methamphetamines and almost 5% of them have used ecstasy, also known as MDMA. Another alarming statistic suggests that 10% of high school students and 9% of middle school students have used glue, sprays and other inhalants as drugs. The number of teenage mothers has also increased in the meanwhile which can again be attributed to the use of alcohol and drugs at some points.

The number of drug addicts is 5 times as high as those of the alcoholics in the Essex County, with Newark as the primary center for these activities. As such, 1564 people are considered to be engaged in alcohol abuse while a whopping 5432 people are supposed to be using drugs in various forms on a fairly regular basis. This makes Essex County one of the most densely substance abusive areas in the state. There are a number of shelters and care programs being run by state funded as well as independent agencies in the region, most of whom are treating heroin and opiate addicts and alcoholics by providing them resident as well as outpatient programs.

The number of youth being addicted to alcohol and drugs is increasing on a steady pace which comes out as an alarming figure. As community members, it is our duty to help and support those organizations and agencies that are working towards the welfare of such people as well as spreading awareness about drug and alcohol abuse.

To help assist with the war against drug and alcohol abuse in Newark, you can volunteer your time or make a donation to Cura Inc and/or the Newark Renaissance House.